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Tired of jewelry that irritates your skin? Here's how to wear them comfortably!

  It's an age old fight between cute jewelry and redness, itching, or irritation. You walked into a store and found some fabulous earrings! After wearing them for only a few hours, your ears start to itch and turn red. Now you have to decide if it's worth keeping them on all day or just throwing them in your bag to stop the irritation.

  But there is a way to wear your earrings all day without itchy redness no matter the shape or size! Your ears are reacting to the inferior metals found in most costume jewelry, so create a barrier with some kind of jewelry shield coating. Our L'Protect Clear Protective Shield is a great way to add protection without the added bulk of earring sleeves. All you need is one even coat and your ears will thank you!

  If you are looking for more instant results, check out our Ear Care Gel with soothing aloe to help with itching and burning from earrings.

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