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Beauty Products and your Jewelry

Your Beauty Products Can Dull the Sparkle of Your Jewelry!

In an article written by Neil Lane, for InStyle, he explains how your beauty routine may ruin your jewelry (link to full article here). Highlights of this article:

  • Face Wash: Soaps leave a residue, oils dull shine, water can ruin certain gemstones. Be sure to take your jewelry off before you wash your face!
  • Exfoliants: Tiny scrubbers can leave microscopic scratches on precious metals. Consider removing your rings beforehand!
  • Moisturizers: These can leave a residue that discolors and dull shine. Particular metals and stones are sensitive to oils and chemicals common to moisturizers.
  • Perfumes and Fragrances: Oils can make diamonds sticky and dull shine. So, spray these on before you put on your accessories.

Consider our Jewelry Cleaner Spray to bring back that dazzling shine of your favorite jewelry! It works like magic on diamonds, gold, silver, copper, and brass. Simply spray onto tarnished jewelry, wait a minute or so and rinse thoroughly with water, wipe dry, and voila! Your jewelry is ready to shine.

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