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Beautiful and Unique Necklaces from Unexpected Places!

Do you have a collection of pins but have not idea how to wear them all? Have you ever wanted to wear your beautiful brooches on a necklace? There is a fantastic and easy way to wear all your favorite statement and antique pieces without permanently changing them! All our Pin to Pendant Converters are easy to use and require no tools to put on or take off your favorite Pins and Brooches! There are so many ways to create a beautiful, unique necklaces with all of your pins and brooches! With Pin to Pedant Converters, all you have to do is slide the back of the pin through the tube of the converter. Then, slide any necklace chain through the metal loop of the converter and wear! Once you decide to wear is as a brooch again, simply slide it our of the converter's tube and it's ready to pin again!



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