Security Policy

At E'arrs, Inc, we ensure the privacy and protection of your data. Listed below are the measures we employ to ensure that your confidential information is strictly protected during all phases of your transaction.

  1.  Unique User ID: Your items are placed into a shopping cart which assign you a unique 32 digit User ID. If any digit in the URL is incorrect, then the order cannot be viewed.

  2. Secure Transmissions: Once you begin your "checkout" process, you will be directed to the secure server immediately prior to being asked to enter any confidential information. Any information entered into your browser and transmitted at any time after filling in your payment information is encrypted for your protection. This means that even in the highly unlikely even that the data is intercepted by any unauthorized persons, it cannot be decrypted or read by them.

  3. Prompt Response: If, at any time, you are uncomfortable with your order, or feel that it has been compromised in some way, please contact us at

  4. Secure Server Certificate: A "secure" page on a website is a page that is served from a secure server that makes use of a Secure Server Certificate and can be identified by looking at the beginning of the URL. If begins with "https://", then it is secure (notice the "s" after "http"). You can verify the authenticity of the Secure Server Certificate which we are using by clicking onto the graphical link that exists on any of our secure pages. You will see 2 graphics at the bottom of the secure pages on our website. The Verified Merchant Seal, (as described in the next bullet) will appear on ALL pages, while the SSL Certificate graphic will be displayed on the secure pages only and will be similar to the one shown below.