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I have a metal sensitivity that causes skin irritation. What products do you have to help with this?
We have several products to help with skin irritation caused by metal sensitivity: Pierced Ear Protector (00701), L'Protect (00401), Ear care Gel (00402).

I cannot wear pierced earrings without irritation. What can I do?
We offer a Pierced Ear Protector (00701) to help prevent irritation and Ear care Gel (00402) to sooth irritation.

Do your products meet Nickel and Lead safety requirements?
Yes, all of our products are nickel and lead safe and meet or exceed all requirements set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

I have metal sensitivity to most earrings. Do you offer premium earrings for sensitive ears? Yes, our Sensitive Earrings collection features 316 Surgical Stainless Steel earrings that are Lead-Free, Nickel-Free, Cobalt-Free, and Cadmium-Free all made in the USA.

Do you offer a small hoop earring that is easy to put on that I can wear for extended periods of time, even while exercising or sleeping?
Our Hinged Hoop Earrings are perfect! Made of .925 Sterling Silver with an easy-to-use design, Hinged Hoops feature an endless closure that eliminates poking for earring posts.

Why do my earrings droop and do not sit upright on my earlobe?
Heavy earrings often weigh down the earlobe and droop. We offer several products that help hold your earrings upright on your earlobe and balance the weight: Diskies (00201, 00202, 00203, 00211)Stabilizer Discs (00209), Baby Backs (00206), and T-Backs (00204G, 00204S)

I do not have pierced ears, but most earring styles are not available in clip. Do you offer a solution?
Yes! We have several products to help convert your pierced earrings to clips: Converters (00501, 00502), Clip Stix (00508, 00511), and Fish Hook Converters (00524, 00525) 

My clip earrings are too loose, too tight, or pinch when worn. What should I do?
You can use our Tension Key (00603), Clip Slips (00302, 00303) or Go Betweens (00301) to help with these clip earring issues.

My Rings are too loose on my fingers. What can I do?
We offer Ring Sizers (00604) and Ring Guard Sizers (00610, 00610S) to help your rings fit better.

My jewelry is tarnished and need cleaning. What do you recommend? 
We would recommend using our Jewelry Cleaner (00403), our Buff & Polish Cloth (00405), our Anti-Tarnish (00406) or a combination.

My screw back earrings need support. What do you recommend?
You should use a Stabilizer Disc (00209).

How do I convert post earrings to French Wire or Fish Hook style?
Use our Post to Wire Converter (00504G, 00504S)

My wire earrings slide or fall out. How do I prevent this?
Try our Hook Ups (00509).

How do I repair or make my own clip earring?
Use our Clip Stix (00508, 00511).

How do I change my necklace or bracelet clasp to a magnetic closure that's easier to manage?
Try one of our Magneti Clasps (00512, 00513, 00514, 00515, 00520, 00521).

How can I make my necklace longer?
Use our Necklace Extenders (00607, 00608, 00526, 00527).

How can I wear a brooch as a necklace pendant?
Use either our Horizontal Pin Converter (00516, 00517, 00516/517) or our Vertical Pin Converter (00518, 00519, 00518/519).

Safety and Testing Measures

All our products are nickel, lead and cadmium safe and meet or exceed all requirements set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and more specifically the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Our products are tested for compliance using a third party testing lab certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.