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Zoom clip on earring pads  with a pair of clip on earrings showing where the pads a placed to wear them properly with a tension key for tightening and loosening clip earrings next to a second pair of clip on earrings on a white background
Zoom back view of woman's ear showing how go betweens clip on earring pads look when worn
Zoom hands showing how to use tension key for tightening and loosening clip on earrings properly

Clip Earring Comfort Kit

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These savvy adhesive peel-off pads are life-savers for Clip-Earring Wearers. Just use them on the base and paddle of clip earrings to prevent discomfort from pinching. These are perfect to protect from metal sensitivity while wearing your favorite clip styles.

This specially designed key with a slotted tip easily adjusts clip earring tension. Tighten those “Too Loose” clips, or loosen tight clips for a comfortable fit all day!



  • Adhesive Pads for Clip-On Earrings that provide Comfort from Pinching
  • Fit Best of Leverback and Paddle Clip-On Earrings
  • Easily Cut to fit Mini Clip-On and Simple Hinge Clip-On Earring
  • Adjust the tension on Clip-on earrings with ease
  • Prevent pinching by loosening clip earrings or slipping by tightening clip earrings
  • 6 Round Dots and 6 Paddles for 3 Pairs of Earrings
  • Includes 1 Tension Key
  • Made in the USA

Clip Earring Comfort Kit


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